County: Cascade

Site: Country Ln

Year: 2016, 4 Trap Nights

SpeciesTotal Counted%
Ae. dorsalis59895.5
Cx. tarsalis121.9
Ae. vexans61.0
Ae. s. spencerii50.8
Ae. melanimon30.5
Ae. flavescens10.2
Ae. nigromaculis10.2

Seasonal Population Trends For Top 5 Species In 2016

Number of Mosquitoes Collected

Mosquito and Vector Surveillance Program

MSU Extension - Department of Animal and Range Sciences

Montana State University
P.O. Box 172900
Bozeman, MT 50717-2900

Location: Marsh Labs, Room 59

Veterinary Entomology Research Associate:

Marni Rolston

Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Entomology:

Dr. Greg Johnson


Dr. Grant Hokit (Carroll College)