Species: Aedes spencerii idahoensis


This is an important pest species in Montana and responsible for a high level of annoyance to both man and livestock.


This species overwinters in the egg stage. Larvae are found in a variety of habitats that hold rain or snow water. It prefers alkaline habitats similar to Ae. dorsalis. Adults can migrate several miles from emergence sites.

Identifying Characteristics:

Pointed abdomen, no leg banding, wing veins alternating dark and pale scales, abdominal terga with no dorsal median longitudinal stripe. Similar to Ae. spencerii spencerii.

Distribution Map:

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Mosquito and Vector Surveillance Program

MSU Extension - Department of Animal and Range Sciences

Montana State University
P.O. Box 172900
Bozeman, MT 50717-2900

Location: Marsh Labs, Room 59

Veterinary Entomology Research Associate:

Marni Rolston

Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Entomology:

Dr. Greg Johnson


Dr. Grant Hokit (Carroll College)